Management Consulting

Wisdom Work and Wealth, LLC. is a company which acts as a community bridge consulting firm and addresses the needs of businesses. Our goal is to make each business more profitable and solid. By using innovative approaches and effective solutions, we help to increase business growth and profitability.

Small Business Consulting

Widsom Work and Wealth specializes in consulting a number of businesses. We have success in many areas including but not limited to: Food Service, Health Care, Construction, Automobile Dealerships, Hospitality, Retail, Transportation, Manufacturing & Agriculture, Music Entertainment and Wholesale Management. We identify problems with waste, management, business operations, and strategies. Once problems are identified, they are measured and evaluated. A management procedure is then put into place to control expenses, engineer profits, reduce waste, manage customer relations, and improve the company’s bottom line. Our team has brought businesses back from the brink of collapse using our proven strategies. We have also helped businesses which were already profitable and finely tuned them to run with much greater efficiency.

What Makes Us Unique?

• Management consultants objectively analyze business operations, then develop and install programs which allow the business owner to control costs and improve bottom-line profits.
• The business owner controls the extent and direction of the consulting project - targeting not only key areas but, addressing the concerns of the owner as well.
• Our small business advisors have established years of experience in your related business. After a survey is completed, Wisdom Work and Wealth will select the business consultant that is best suited for your needs.
• Ideas are developed, recommended and unlike many other consulting firms, our management consultants implement the work that they develop.
• Our proven recommendations improve the business to the owner’s satisfaction prior to the conclusion of each project.
• Wisdom Work and Wealth stands behind the business consultant’s work accomplished at the client’s business.

Mid-sized Business Consulting

Mid-sized businesses face similar issues to those of large corporations such as managing information technology, reducing expenses, accessing risk, controlling inventory, and relating to clients. When mid-sized companies grow too quickly, owners may lose control of their business. It requires necessary planning.  Our business consultants will show you how to run your medium-sized business the correct way by developing programs, targeting key areas, and laying down a foundation. We can quickly bring you up to speed. Our consulting projects result in building on and putting together a management structure that will give a business owner the quality of life that they deserve.


How Can We Help?

• The business consultant’s work is accomplished on an agreeable time schedule. All of our work is recommended to the business owner and actions are approved by the business owner before any work is undertaken.
• A survey will be conducted by Wisdom Work and Wealth prior to the consulting project.
• After the survey, the business owner will be advised as of how to develop an effective   plan to control costs and increase profits.

• Innovative ideas will be developed and put into action immediately.
• Post –Consultation Services - After our consultation, you’ll be on a fast track to becoming more profitable. We will provide you with the necessary tools and resources needed to start you on the road to success.
• The Wisdom Work and Wealth will follow up, checking on progress and continuing to fine-tune the programs that were put into action.


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Wisdom Work and Wealth, LLC. Creates model concepts for businesses and sells that idea to corporations and institutions with the understanding that intellectual rights and brokerage fees apply with expressed provision statements that are established to protect interest.
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